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  Gucheng County is located at southeast of Hebei Province. It is next to the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and one hundred miles journey to Dezhou City. Her offical system has established in Dong Han Dynasty. During one thousand years history, the people have a glorious tradition of “advocating literacy and corutesy” and “ giving great emphasis on industry and commerce ”. Many famous people are from here, such as Dou Jiande who is the head of peasants revolt in the end of Sui Dynasty, Ma Zhongxi who is the Right-President of the Board of War in Ming Dynasty, Feng zhi’an?the famous general in Anti-Japanese War, Jie Zhenguo who is the Anti-Japanese hero and so on.



  Firstly, rich in natrual resources.

  Gucheng covers 941 square kilometers with a population of 510,000. 9 towns and 4 rurals under its jurisdiction. It is located in the North China Plain, rich in agricultural resources, and awarded "national food production advanced counties", "National Cotton Production hundred counties." Gucheng is rich in human resources, 15 million rural labor force can be transfered in many years. And the adequate power supply can support the network of Hebei and Shandongprovinces. The electricity demand can be double protected and also exchanged in the network based on price differences.



  Secondly, enjoys geographic location.

  Gucheng is in the Bohai Economic Circle. It is the best choice and place for commerce and companies. It’s one hour journey to the airport, two hours journey to our Capital?Bejing and three hours journey to the harbour. The Gucheng branch line of Hengde Express Way goes through the whole county, and now it is under construction. Within 30km around the county, there are 5 railways and 5 expressways that are all national key railways and top-level high-speed railways, such as Daguang Expressway, Qingyin Expressway, Jingfu Expressway, Jinghu High-speed Railway, Jingjiu Railway, Jinghu Railway, Hanhuang Railway and so on.



  Thirdly, has excellent platform.

  Hengde Industrial Park, Xiyuan Industrial Park and Yingdong Industrial Park is the great platform for projects. All of them enjoys geographic location, hasdistinguishing characteristics and full of vitality.


  Hengde Industrial Park is next to Shandong Province. It is a provincial-level economic development zone. It is also the biggest economic cooperation platform for Hebei and Shandong Province, because the urban area of Dezhou City, Jinghu Railway, Shide Railway, Jingfu Express way, Hengde Express way and Jinghu High-speed railway joins in this area. focusing on cultivating new materials, new energy industry. Nowadays, the Park and Dezhou City share culture, leisure, entertainment, logistics and other factors of development. The hardware standard is "seven availability and one leveled". 14 projects which invests 500 million yuan, such as China Building Materials Group has settled.


  Xiyuan Industrial Park is located at the west of our county, It will become the biggest textile and garment industry gathering area. The heads of this area areXinhongjia International Knitwear Town which is invested by Xiamen businessmen and Zhejiang Dazhong Fur Garment Town. The park will service more and higher level companies from the South China. Based on guidance of government, vocational-technical schools train skilled workers for enterprises all year round.

  营东工业园,是国内重要的裘皮裘革产业聚集区, “河北省皮毛产品出口基地”、“河北省裘皮技能培训基地”和“河北省出口裘皮工业品标准化示范区”,“国家皮毛产品出口基地”即将获批。以“中国北方国际裘皮城”为载体,全力打造全国最大的裘服生产基地。

  Yingdong Industrial Park, it is the most important fur and leather productgathering area. “Hebei Province Fur & leather Exports Base”, “Hebei Province Fur Skill Training Base”, "Hebei Province Exported Fur Industry standard Demonstration area” and “National Fur Industry Export Base” will be approved. The Northern China National Fur and Leather Town is the biggest Fur and Leather product base, and now it is under construction.



  Fourthly,quality protection.

  1、Fast and smooth logistics services

  China Post Group's global express logistics services contain the two brands of previous global EMS and China Post Logistics integration, also include international and domestic express parcel wrapped. Main business: International courier services, international courier services and other 16 kinds Kahala commitment.


  Domestic express business: transfer domestic users’ documentation and emergency items by high-speed and high-quality, while providing various forms of e-mail tracking and tracing service. At present, nearly 2,000 cities and counties opened this business. This service can be used in the postoffice , also can dial the local No.1118 or unify national telephone service 11183 for special service special issue, the postal department will send a courier hand car door acceptance.


  International courier service: the biggest advantage is postal delivery can achieve a more convenient customs clearance in all of the Customs, because Customs have specialized system in Post Office Mail. The second advantage is that the actual weight of the international EMS billing, rather than billing by volume. Commitment service are opened to East Asia, Europe, America,Australia and other regions. EMS also offers valet package, valet Customs, insurance agents and a series of comprehensive extension services. At present, China Post and International Express Mail service has established business relationship with more than 200 countries and regions in the world.



  2、High-speed Secure Web service

  The total bandwidth of Hengshui Internet current export is 80G and it will reach160G at the end of the this year. MAN line can easily provide requirements from 10M to 10,000M.



  3、Convenient and efficient financial services

  Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is the first commercial bank of cash management business. At the end of 2010, ICBC cash management customers has exceeded 500,000, ranking domestic the largest cash management bank's market position, and increasing the advantage in this industry.


  "Caizhi Account" is a brand of ICBC Cash Management Service. It provides customers with comprehensive cash management solutions about internal cash management and external cash control from RMB to foreign currency cash management. The solution helps enterprises, government agencies, institutions and other customers to efficiently manage receivables, payables, collection, internal funds transfers. It also can timely get correct information of cash flow, offer variety investment opportunities, improve the return on capital investment and work with clients to achieve all-win in wealth.


  Extensive business network: At present, ICBC has about 25,000 within theterritory of China, and about 200 organizations in 28 countries and regions. It has established agency relationship with more than 1,500 banks. The outside network has a scale.


  Efficient clearing system: ICBC has RMB fund settlement system and foreign currency remittance settlement system all over China and global. This service supplies the same city in domestic and off-site real-time transfer funds credited into foreign currency.


  Flexible access channels: ICBC supplies access channels for customers by internet banking, telephone banking, mobile banking, self-service banking. This sevice breaks through time and space barriers and reach to 7X24-hour non-stop service by customer-selves.


  4、Advanced function of installations

  The planned area of Gucheng County is 24 square kilometres with a population of 100,000. It is an Ecological and Cultural Canal-side City, which is a wonderland for business, industry and travelling. The basic education in Hengshui is nationally renowned. Every year , the students admitted to Tsinghua University,Beijing University and other elite universities account for more than half of Hebei Province.Basic education in Gucheng is the head of Hebei Province. Two high schools both are provincial key high schools. Gucheng Vocational EducationCenter is a national key vocational and technical school, and it has trained a large number of professional and technical staff. County Hospital has advanced equipment, superb medical skills and has awarded "National Top 100 Hospital".


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